Facts about nitrogen

 Nitrogen is one of the most popularly used gases in the atmosphere. 78% of the air is comprised of nitrogen, and at present, there are a lot of industrial and natural uses of nitrogen. Nitrogen has no taste, no scent and no color, and on the period table, its symbol is N.

Early Use of Laughing Gas

Nitrous Oxide was discovered first by Joseph Priestley. Priestley followed upon the initial findings of Joseph Black and discovered nitrous oxide by heating ammonium nitrate and passing the resulting gas through water. However, even though Joseph Priestley is attributed with the finding of the gas, the person responsible for the early uses of nitrous oxide […]

Nitrous Oxide as a greenhouse gas

Greenhouse gases such as N2O are the gases which fail to leave our atmosphere due to the ozone layer. These gases are directly responsible for the depletion of the ozone and as well as harming the environment. The effects of global warming are partially due to the increase in the emissions of greenhouse gases as […]