10 more plus a Nitrous Oxide Experiment

Learning science has never been this fun. All the experiments that come with it make it even more fun. When kids learn science using simple science projects, it becomes better because they can understand it even more. Here are 10 safe projects that the kids can engage in when they are at school. The idea is about building confidence in the world of experimentation rather than simply leaping in their to play with Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide and the other global gasses.  Continue reading

Simple Science Starters – pre N2O

When you became a parent, you automatically became a teacher to your kids. When you are at home, you and your kids can do some simple science projects and they have to be safe for both of you. You should also have some knowledge on what to do when some things do not go as they had been planned. These are simple ideas before we move onto the more complex experiments with the earth gases, methane and nitrous oxide. Continue reading


An interesting bit of kit – that has culinary applications is a vaporizer – the interesting explora-science aspect is that it produces gases from components without burning, but by gently raising the temperature. The ancient Greeks who believed that we all had a gaseous component used something very similar to the volcano vaporizer for separating out substances into their component parts. Continue reading