Simple Science Starters – pre N2O

When you became a parent, you automatically became a teacher to your kids. When you are at home, you and your kids can do some simple science projects and they have to be safe for both of you. You should also have some knowledge on what to do when some things do not go as they had been planned. These are simple ideas before we move onto the more complex experiments with the earth gases, methane and nitrous oxide.


In this simple science project, you will need a round balloon, a plastic straw, a long kite string and a tape. To start, tie an end of the string to a chair or just anywhere for support. Put the other end inside the straw and tie that end to something else for support too. Blow the balloon but do not tie it. Stick the balloon to the straw using the tape. You are now ready for launch!


The second simple science project is, blowing up a balloon with yeast. You will need a tablespoon of sugar, warm water, a small balloon, plastic soda bottle and packet of yeast. To start, fill the bottle with the warm water. An inch of water will be enough in the bottle. Add the yeast into the water and swirl the bottle gently for the yeast to dissolve. Add the sugar and swirl it more to make sure that the sugar dissolves into the mixture. Place the balloon on the neck of the bottle and after twenty minutes or so, the balloon will start to inflate. How this works is, when the yeast “eats” the sugar, carbon dioxide is produced and that is what makes the balloon to inflate.


The third simple science project is making your own volcano and you will need some clay or some soil to make the volcano, a 35mm film container, yellow or red food coloring, vinegar and liquid dish washing soap. Put the container into the container inside the clay or the mould of soil, add two teaspoons of baking powder into the container and then add a spoonful of the dishwashing soap. Then add four drops of the food color. For the eruption to happen, add the vinegar and watch what happens next.


The fourth simple science project involves making a simple duck call and you will only need a plastic straw, a pair of scissors and a pair of lungs, your lungs. Fold the straw and then press one of the ends to flatten it so that you can cut it. Put the pointed end of the straw into your mouth and blow hard into the straw. A sound should come out of the straw and when you listen to the sound, it should be a duck call.


The last project is making milk from plastic and you will need, vinegar, one cup of milk, a bowl a strainer and an adult to help carry out the experiment. Boil the milk; add the vinegar and he see what happens. When the milk mixes with the vinegar you will notice some blobs on the strainer and that is the casein ( a chemical in the milk) which feel like plastic on your hands.