Nitrous use as a propellant and in cooking

Given the vast range of uses of nitrous oxide, it does not come as a surprise that this gas is also used in various different cooking processes.  When it comes to cooking, you need to have the right equipment available, and the most important thing is to have the right tools. A set of nitrous oxide cartridges would be a lot of help within the kitchen. For those who do not know, a set of nitrous oxide cartridges can be used with the cream whipper. A cream whipper, as the name suggests can be used to make whipped cream.

The reason why nitrous oxide is used as a cooking propellant is because of the fact that it can be compressed in to a liquid form. This capability of getting compressed in to liquid gas means that it can yield large amounts of expanded gas. Likewise, the cryogenic and evaporative cooling properties of the gas means that it is used for preservative purposes in the kitchen as well. When attached to a cream whipper, these nitrous oxide cartridges are able to charge up the cream whipper through the pressure that they have inside, and are able to whip the cream thoroughly. The ‘fluffy’ nature of the cream is a result of the breaking down of the large sized molecules within the cream, which are broken down via the introduction of nitrous oxide. The reason why nitrous oxide is used in making whipped cream is due to the fact that it has a much greater volume as compared to whipping standard cream. However, because nitrous oxide is pretty unstable, it turns in to a liquid form within an hour, effectively spoiling the nitrous oxide gas. Therefore, it is suggested by some of the best chefs in the country that the whipped cream should be served within an hour for the very best texture and quality.

Moreover, various different aerosol sprays that are used for cooking are also made from nitrous oxide. Its application as a propellant is due to the fact that the gas has a property of stopping the growth of bacteria, and in food products, this is really important. Because it is also an inert gas, nitrous oxide is used in filling the empty air in snacks, chips, etc. in order to displace the bacteria within the chip bag.

Not only is nitrous oxide used in creating ‘cream chargers’ (nitrous oxide cartridges), but are also used for preservative purposes. A range of different products are preserved through nitrous oxide, especially foods that are half cooked and can be cooked later on.  These cream chargers, or nitrous oxide cartridges can be purchased affordably from your local shop as well. Importantly, the use of nitrous oxide as a propellant is also becoming very common. Apart from its use in cooking, several kinds of aerosol sprays are also created with the help of nitrous oxide. However, the gas is also very damaging to the atmosphere, and its uses are being effectively limited by various top organizations.